Pollinating Grace ~ A Book Review


I was recently revisiting my opening Blog and why I named it Pollinating Grace.  Please feel free to revisit it too.

Grace- ever needed to get you some of that?

I know there are days that I use exorbitant amounts.  Ironically; or maybe not so ironically, it is following these days that I usually have more grace to extend to others.  Once I have gathered some grace I have also gathered that I am just one of 7 Billion humans on this planet who does not do everything perfectly.

“What?” You say. “You’re not perfect either?”  Now we have something to discuss.

As I said in my pilot blog:

“…it is my hope that we will use this “Pollinating Grace” space to sharpen one another and to push one another closer to the one who bears the greatest name…Jesus!”

I would like to recommend to you a resource that will help you do just that!

How to Love Your Crazy Family—52 Quick Reads for No Ordinary Days        by Angela Howard

Are you wondering how to love your crazy family without going crazy yourself? You’re not alone. Family relationships are rarely neat and tidy. Life amid the messy complications of imperfect people living in an imperfect world leaves us weary and unsure of how we will love families with the genuine love of Jesus.

If you’re tired of trying to love on your own, stop and allow these devotions to fill your heart with the truth that Jesus redeems our lives, even through the crazy, painful times and has the power to transform us from the inside out.

This book is a fabulous example of our daily need for grace and our shared imperfections as people.  You and your family will benefit from Angela’s authentic voice as a mother, wife and woman.  It is refreshing to me to come across an author who is more concerned with truth telling than self protecting.  Angela has a whimsical way of discussing the not so perfect daily lives we all lead.  As the reader I enjoyed each moment of conviction, laughter, understanding and challenge.

I want to extend more grace and love to my crazy family don’t you?  I also really appreciate knowing that I am not alone as a member of a crazy family.  Perhaps, you are not a spouse or a parent, but you certainly exist within a community; whether it is a work place, church group or volunteer organization, you interact with crazy people every day. You might even be one!  How could you love them more?

Angela Howard sincerely and sweetly shows you that we don’t need to change the crazy to love.  We do however have a responsibility to grow and change ourselves.  These Quick Reads for No Ordinary Days help us to examine our hearts and motives and challenge us to allow God to redeem our imperfections.  When we are more like Jesus we can have a more Extraordinary Life.

How can you Pollinate Grace and Love to your Family today?

Angela’s book is available from Amazon:


For more from Angela Howard check out her blog @ http://www.noordinarydays.com/

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