When we were last together we discussed The Price of Love. Often in life we are faced with a cover charge that only love can afford. When we find our identity in Christ and draw our supply from His store house there is always enough love to meet the need at hand.

If love is the price we pay then Unity is the product we can expect to find in our shopping cart!

Unity is the result of so many decisions based in love.

• Kindness
• Service
• Courtesy
• Hospitality
• Listening
• Bearing another’s Burden
• Encouraging One Another

All of these choices made with love will result in Unity. And why is that? Because all of these choices paid with love are acts of submission.

Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. ~ Ephesians 5:21

When we choose to put others first we are united together. We are no longer individuals but the body of Christ.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!
~ Psalm 133:1

Think about the last time you had to choose to be kind? You are thinking of a person or opportunity right now! You took the high road and instead of friction there is peace…dare I say unity?

What about choosing to listen attentively or retain your good manners? Sometimes we become involved in conversations we would like to avoid. Respect, attention, and eye contact can create unity with another. Not that you need to come to an agreement on issues or even common interests, but a recognition of worth and value, a fellow member of mankind is speaking.

How about being hospitable in perhaps unexpected venues? Making a coffee run and including the person in the cubicle down the hall…Welcoming someone and putting them at ease not just at church or in your home but in a conference room…Offering to run an errand or do a favor to save someone time or back tracking…all these are hospitable ways to creatively submit yourself in love to someone else.

It is good and pleasant to be included and united. All unity comes from submitting ourselves to one another in love. WE cannot exist if I must always be first, have my ideal circumstance, or be the one whose needs are met.

Who could you share common ground with today?

How can you find a place of unity with someone typically hard to deal with?

Look around your work place…who needs included, listened to, welcomed?

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