Bruised but not Broken ~ a Book Review

Bruised But Not Broken - cover-small
Following our Memorial Day Holiday and in Remembrance of those we have loved and lost I would like to recommend a resource to you, dear readers!

Bruised but not Broken by Sheryl Beck-Nelson
What’s Next After Your World Falls Apart?
Choose Back ‘In’ to Life and Purpose.

A young widow is faced with the reality of rebuilding her life after the sudden death of her husband. She recounts the comfort and restoration of God, who is always near to the broken hearted. With amazing strength of faith, she chose ‘in’ to life again: abundant life. As a result, she discovers a new love, a renewed hope and a new calling, proof that God can redeem even our most painful circumstances.

As a pastor’s wife, women’s ministry leader, mother and friend I often feel inadequate to comfort in times of grief. I am always searching for resources and wisdom on this subject. So I simply could not pass up the opportunity to review a book written about the grief of losing a spouse. I wanted to learn from Sheryl Beck-Nelson’s experience. I intended to mine Bruised but not Broken for advice to minister to those I love in their times of loss. What I found in the pages of this book was certainly a resource; but not a resource about death or loss, a resource about life. With a gentle, yet authoritative voice of a friend over coffee Sheryl Beck-Nelson tells you the reader not only her story but yours.

“Eventually, I am guaranteed to lose every earthly thing I have ever possessed…I will lose every single person I have ever loved.” ~ Ann Voskamp (One Thousand Gifts, 84-85)

Loss, even just the fear of loss, leaves an indelible mark on who we are and how we make decisions. What is needed most at any crucial turning point is a deep sense of who you are in Christ. Sheryl Beck-Nelson walks through her story with example after example of how God’s Word has an answer to your need or a guideline for your decisions.

“Your willingness to trust God through your fear creates an opportunity to inspire and encourage others. The power of your story is limitless, but only if you let God write it in its entirety!” ~ Sheryl Beck-Nelson

Bruised but not Broken challenged me on all kinds of life’s issues and decisions. Am I seeking time in God’s presence to be with Him, to hear His voice? Do I have friends and mentors who keep me accountable? Do I know my purpose and calling? Am I walking out that purpose and call? How can I serve the Body of Christ right where I am in the midst of my current situation? How do I respond when I am faced with fear or failure? As human beings, we all have a story that involves loss, grief, and disappointment. We face these experiences on a daily basis.

At the conclusion of this book, I am left holding the encouragement of hope and the challenge of purpose! I highly recommend Sheryl’s story, not just to those who grieve but, to all who choose to live.

Sheryl’s book is available from Amazon:

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