“People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains,

at the huge waves of the seas,

at the vast compass of the ocean,

at the circular motion of the stars,

and yet they pass by themselves without wondering.

~ St. Augustine

This quote from St. Augustine is one of my all time favorites! What a thrill it was to come across it in the pages of my dear friend’s book recently. The kindred spirit in me jumped for joy! A recognition of a piece of myself in her. I could identify on yet another level with not only her written message but who she is as a person and what she values.

Then God said,

“Let us make human beings in our image and likeness.

~ Genesis 1:26

Made in the image of God?! And yet, we pass by ourselves without wondering. Let’s wonder for a moment shall we? Better yet, go look in your mirror and find that something you can identify with God and jump for joy over this recognition!

“…God’s image has been imprinted uniquely on each of us. In God’s infinite creativity there are no duplicates; you are the only you there has ever been or ever will be.” ~ Dick Staub

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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