Pivot Leadership…a Book Review


Leadership… a word that makes me think of purpose, hard work, and influence.

Do you see yourself as a leader? Why or why not?

Leadership for me is always about making a difference.

“I am motivated to make a difference. I want what I do to matter and most importantly I want to make other people feel that they matter. As in “You have value, You are worth it!”

I also believe that everyone should leave their
environment (community, circle, village) better
than they found it!”

This statement above is my answer to Angela Lynne Craig’s questions: What is your motivation for leading? What beliefs or values ignite you into action? Found in her book Pivot Leadership: Small Steps-Big Changes.

“It is only in the acknowledgment that one has worth and purpose that inner wholeness can be achieved and connections with others can be made.” Angela Craig

Often I can fail to see myself as an effective leader simply because I deem my circle of influence as to small or insignificant. But, Angela says otherwise:

“The theory that something has to be big to have a significant impact is false.”

I highly recommend Pivot Leadership to every reader because everyone is a leader and your day to day life choices matter.

I have the privilege of serving under Angela’s leadership and have personally witnessed the steps she engages to empower each individual to their greatest potential. These steps are spelled out in her book and practical for all leaders regardless of your current sphere of influence.

“To empower someone is to reflect the dreams, talents, and power held within them,”  Angela Craig

Reading Pivot Leadership: Small Steps – Big Changes continually reaffirmed to me that leadership is always about “focusing on the Who more than the How”.

The Human Spirit is our greatest resource the eternal commodity that we all deal in every day and it is our obligation and privilege to embrace one another and encourage one another on to our greatest potential.

“Leadership and Diversity are about giving life and human dignity to every individual…[otherwise] there is poverty of the human spirit.” Angela Craig

Who are you leading?

How can you take small steps to make big changes in your daily sphere of influence?

More about Pivot Leadership: Small Steps – Big Changes…You were created for greatness! However, balancing the demands of leading in the ever changing fast-paced global marketplace can deplete the most seasoned leader of vision and the will to move forward. “Pivot Leadership: Small Steps…Big Change” challenges us as leaders to recall the vision and passion we have for our work, while empowering us to pivot our thinking. Angela Craig is on a quest to make you an effective powerful leader that will be unstoppable.

More about Angela Craig visit http://www.angelacraig.com

To purchase Pivot Leadership

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2 Responses to Pivot Leadership…a Book Review

  1. Thank you Melisa for taking the time to read Pivot Leadership and write this thoughtful review for others to read! I love your focus on encouraging the human spirit and truly appreciate being able to minister beside you. You are a gift!

    • Thank you for the wisdom and encouragement that is Pivot Leadership! It was an honor to review and I am still learning and going over my notes and action steps after each chapter.

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