Peace, Be Still

Charity Rattray

12 Days of Christmas by Charity Rattray

I have had many a stranger ask me after a short conversation “You were a cheerleader in high school weren’t you?” (The answer would be yes by the way).

I have a Sunshine and Buttercups personality. I tend to find the silver lining in all situations. I have found a way to make the very dry reading of the Book of Leviticus seem refreshing! Ha!

But, for some reason, when the Christmas Season starts to loom on the horizon of my calendar I fall victim to melancholy. Can I just be honest? Christmas and the holiday season tend to stress me out!

Me, yes me, the one who is always preaching HOPE wants to hide away from this season that represents the very coming of the greatest hope.

“The virgin will be pregnant. She will have a son, and they will name him Immanuel,” which means “God is with us.” ~ Matthew 1:23 NCV

Instead of running and hiding my head in the sand and pretending there is not a holiday season I will choose to embrace the Advent Season. I will anticipate being with the One who came to live With Me!

So today I recommend to you and me a little piece of Peace and Sanity in this maddening time we fondly call the Holidays:

12 Days of Christmas
by Charity Rattray
You are invited to gather with me at your local coffee shop, morning table, or even in your car between errands. Together we will find the refreshing needed to face your Holiday Season. 
Twelve short devotionals with links for reference and resource crafted with you in mind. The “HOLIDAZE” are fast approaching so be intentional and reclaim the HOLY in your home this holiday.
This would make a great 12 days before Christmas gift for the women in your life!


I hope you will choose to take the time to read my dear friend Charity’s book 12 Days of Christmas available at Amazon. Most of all I hope you will find time to dwell with Immanuel all year long!

How can I pray for peace for you this season?

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2 Responses to Peace, Be Still

  1. Sherrie St. Hilaire says:

    Thanks for your heart, Melisa! I will embrace with you! EMBRACE!!! E.M.B.R.A.C.E. XO
    I too have Charity’s book…can’t wait to begin!

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