Under the Cherry Tree

Under the Cherry Tree

Under the Cherry Tree

This special Saturday post comes to you in  honor of friend I have lost today.  The beautiful ornamental cherry tree you see to the left of the lilac and above the roses has been my friend these last nine years. Today is her last day! Can you grieve a tree? Apparently! Tears so many tears. I cried the day I heard about her demise. I panicked and ran to the window the day I heard a chainsaw…RELIEF it was the walnut coming down, she was spared a little longer.

But today our time together is over. She never was mine anyway. I have borrowed her beauty and shelter from the neighbors all these nine years. I understand why she had to go and I support the progress across the fence. I just couldn’t let her go without saying goodbye.

Not only I have enjoyed her beauty in all seasons but she has overseen the growing up of my children.


May Day 2009…3rd Grade Prince

There she is again in the upper left-hand corner overlooking two other precious beings that God is letting me borrow. These children I cannot keep here in my yard for all time either.


May Day 2014…Drum Major OHS Marching Band

Look how time marches (pun intended) on under this cherry tree. The little boy who now is almost grown.

So many memories under her branches:

  • Easter Sunday pictures year after year.
  • Bocce Ball
  • Backyard Science Club
  • A new puppy.
  • Sitting at the picnic table writing out the original notes to the book I am about to publish. (let it be so)
  • Sitting at this same picnic table under gorgeous blossoms that turn to pink snow in the wind singing silly songs with my extended family.
  • Birthday parties
  • Back to School and Prom Photos
  • A sweet little friend’s baby dedication photos
  • Potlucks and BBQ’s
  • New Year’s Fireworks

This list of memories under her branches could go on and on. I thank you, friend, for your beauty and shelter and I cherish our time together!

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